Thursday, July 16, 2009

We are making progress!!!! More pictures of the entire time line are located here

Monday, June 1, 2009

New Workshop Coming Soon has been awhile since I posted on Story Sticks and thought I would start using this blog again. I am in the midst of designing and starting to build my own little shop and would like to document the process for both myself and others to benefit. I am the type to research something to death before I buy and geez, I have certainly done that with this project. I am by no meens an expert in construction, or any of these topics, as I deal with finance for a living. But I am very good at googling and searching blogs, woodworking forums, magazines, etc. on these various topics. I also know how I want the building to function for myself for the type of projects I like to do.

As I mentioned, this has been thought about for a few years and we finally found a spot to build it in our back yard. Originally, there was a great location in the front yard where I wanted to build but no can do with our township. Outbuildings have to be to the side or behind the home. So here is the location before any clearing.....There is a lot to be cleared.

The front corner of the building will be just to the left of the dead tree in the center of the back yard with a bush growing out of it. There will also be a small road coming in the side were I can load and unload wood, new tool purchases, etc. You know the drift.

As far as design and what I want that will be for another post. Generally speaking, the building will be 24x34.66'. Don't ask about the 34.66' in length.....that is due to a square footage rule with our township that any building less than 30' from a side property line has to be less than 832 square feet. Hence, we are 20' from the property line and we have a 34.66' building.

Also, I originally wanted 25x35 until I realized that 24x36 is common sizing for 4x8 sheets. How strange that 16" on center also goes nicely into these numbers.....what a coincidence.

So here are a couple general sketchup photos...Note that these were done with my original 25x35 size:

This is a good gerneral idea of what it will look like. The original thought was to run theDC piping under the slab. That may have changed slightly since these pictures and I am now, 95% sure, that there will be a crawl space under a wood sub-floor. This will make it much easier to run electrical and DC piping under the floor and be able to make changes.

If there is anyone actually reading this blog and have suggestions/input please do not be shy to comment. Next post will be clearing the back yard and digging a big old trench for the power lines.