Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Arts & Crafts Side Table

I am currently building my first real piece of furniture for the house. I came across this side table that would make a great plant stand for my wife.

It is a really cool project as it incorporates a fair amount of hand tools as well as machinery. There are a number of first for me on this project such as dimensioning rough sawn lumber, dovetailed upper strechers (that are luckily hidden for any mistakes), through tenons, arched bottom stretcher, round table and on and on.

Below is a picture of the pieces I selected for this project. I marked out each piece allowing an inch or two for waist.

I then cut the boards down to make them much easier to joint and plane.

Finally, I used the jointer and planer to flatten the lumber and square the edges. It was exciting to see the what was hidden below all of the saw marks when it was surfaced. I also used my jack plane to smooth out the surfaces and give a final edge on the top for glueing

I will post more as I make more progress. So far everything is going great. It is also really nice to finally have most of the tools required for woodworking. It makes life much easier and the hobby much more enjoyable.

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