Sunday, December 17, 2006

Updating Electrical

When I bought my table saw almost three years ago I had to add 220 to the garage to run the saw. After lots of research I was able to run the wire and add a new circuit breaker to the electrical box. It ended up being easier than I thought it would...just very time consuming. Then last year I replaced the outlets over the old workbench with 20 amp outlets....this also required running 12-2 wire and adding another breaker.

Well, with the recent purchase of some new tools and trying to get my shop more functional, I decided to add two more 220 outlets and run another 20 amp circuit. The far east wall had no outlets and it would be very helpful if I had outlets on that wall with the layout. So I ended up running wire from the existing 220 up into the ceiling, down the east wall and added two additional 220 outlets. There will only be one tool at a time running off of 220. At the same time, I ran new 12-2 wire and added five 20 amp outlets on the east wall. This is nothing exciting at all but will make things so much easier to not have extension cords everywhere. It also has taken almost two full days to complete. Here are some pictures...

This is where the original 220 outlet was. I updated the conduit with one inch since I am carrying two wires in the conduit. This outlet will be the new home for my Grizzly G0513x bandsaw that is currently on backorder until January.

This is the east wall that had no outlets. You can see the conduit coming out of the ceiling. The top outlet is 220 and the bottom are 20 amp 110 outlets.

The only item remaining is to hook the new 20 amp outlets into the box with a new breaker. The wire is hanging in front of the box but I was too tired to complete everything.

The next project is to build a rolling cart for the Delta 22-580 planer with storage below and to clean and organize everything. I would also like to build a tool cabinet above my woodworking bench for my hand tools. I also need to build some organization units for Colleen's room so she can get her scrapbooking organized....and the list goes on and on and on....

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