Saturday, December 16, 2006

The Shop and Projects

I thought I would start a blog for my woodworking to show the progress of my shop and post items I have made. So far, I have mostly made things for the shop such as cabinets, workbench, bench hook, etc. Here are some current pictures of my workshop and some items I have made.

Here is the workbench I made. This should be one of the first projects for any beginning woodworker. It is very important to have a good bench to clamp work down as I learned the hard way when I had a chisel slip and burried it into my hand requiring 12 stitches. Ouch!

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Here are a couple of pictures of my bench hook. This is a very helpful jig to square boards with a hand plane. The second picture is squaring the legs and cleaning the tenons of the base for the bench I made above
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Here is a box I made for my niece and filled it with wood blocks. I made the entire box with only hand tools and no power tools. This was a great learning experience!

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Here are some cabinets I made for storage. They are huge but very functional.

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I have recently been expanding my shop extensively. There will be a bunch of pictures to come to show the new tools, shop organization and projects.

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Wealth and Wisdom said...

Lauren loves playing with the blocks you made her for her first birthday! We will treasure them for many years since her special uncle made them. Love, Michele and Lauren